My meeting with Ortho Guy

Yesterday I went for my meeting with the orthopaedic specialist that my doctor referred me too. I got lucky as the guy’s favourite country is Australia so we were able to have a good chat whilst he went about putting little black stickers on my legs and viewing my feet through the mirror machine.

It was then time to get on the treadmill so that I could be videoed walking and running. This was actually a real treat as I’ve been banned from running for a month, so I took full advantage of it!

Watching the videos back, it was clear to see why I have been having problems with my left knee and foot. I have one foot (the left problem one) that has a high arch and the right one that is completely normal. It’s a bit of an anomaly as normally people don’t have two completely different feet!

The solution, hopefully, is to to have special insoles made for my left running shoe so that the arch is supported. I will have these by next week and am looking forward to trying them out. Anything to get back to running.

About runningcommando

I am an Aussie living in Switzerland with my English husband and two lovely kids. I have recently found a new passion in life - running!!! Here I'll be sharing my journey from an unfit beginner runner to preparing for 10k runs and hopefully my goal of reaching a half-marathon. Enjoy!
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