My new Relationship with Running

It has been a long, long time since my last blog. During that time I have been working on my relationship with running. It was touch and go for awhile there but we have managed to resolve our problems and come to an understanding.

I tested our new relationship at Zurich’s recent New Year’s Eve fun run and am pleased to report that I managed the 9.4km in 52 minutes averaging 6 mins/km which is fast for me!

Following that race I convinced myself that the short distances were best for running and I to remain friends.That is of course, until I read a flier in my race pack for the Zurich marathon team event and asked some mates if they would like to join me. The split is basically:

Runner 1: 9.7km
Runner 2: 10.8km
Runner 3: 4km
Runner 4: 17.7km

I had an amazing response and now have two teams and a couple of reserve runners! Unfortunately, the 17.7km leg was the least popular so I put myself forward for this. Now I just hope the training goes well!

This time I am concentrating on doing more cross-training eg, swimming, cycling and walking to improve fitness and only running a maximum of twice a week. Very different to last year when all I wanted to (and would do) was run!

Looking forward to keeping you updated on our relationship more often in 2013.

Happy running!

About runningcommando

I am an Aussie living in Switzerland with my English husband and two lovely kids. I have recently found a new passion in life - running!!! Here I'll be sharing my journey from an unfit beginner runner to preparing for 10k runs and hopefully my goal of reaching a half-marathon. Enjoy!
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