Training with kids

outridersI was dreading the Spring school holidays as, with a 10K race coming up in the second week, I would need to somehow keep the training up whilst having the kids at home full-time.

I was wracking my brains for a solution – even going as far as going to the local gym to get a membership form as they have a crèche. However, having seen the crèche I realized quickly that my kids are beyond crèche age. Therefore, there was only one logical solution: I had to take them along.

So, for the last two weeks, they have been getting on their bikes in the morning whist I run along behind. I am absolutely amazed at how well it worked. Let’s hope it can continue in the 6 week summer holidays when I will be training for my first sprint triathlon!

About runningcommando

I am an Aussie living in Switzerland with my English husband and two lovely kids. I have recently found a new passion in life - running!!! Here I'll be sharing my journey from an unfit beginner runner to preparing for 10k runs and hopefully my goal of reaching a half-marathon. Enjoy!
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