Finishing Line

Given that I never thought I would ever take up running as a sport, I am keeping a list of runs that I complete as part of my own personal ‘Finishing Line’ glory board. If this obsession fades at least I will still have this list as evidence.

30 September 2012 – Pink Ribbon Charity Walk– 4kms
This is the annual charity event that I do with an increasingly large group of mates to raise money for breast cancer research.

22 September 2012 – 33rd Greifenseelauf Half-Marathon – 21.1kms

A great run around this lovely lake in Uster and where I completed my first half- marathon!

1 May 2012 – 10th Sihltaler Frulingslauf (Anniversary event) – 10kms

A great event to kick-off the Spring/Summer season. Also has great events for kids.

11 December 2011 – 35th Zurich Silvesterlauf – 4.4kms

This is an amazing Fun Run through the street’s of Zurich. Although it is called a New Year’s Eve run, it takes place in mid-December before the roads get too icy!


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